18 years industry experience at Ford dealerships.

In 2010 I started my sales training and consulting business from the ground floor specializing in training sales staff, motivating, and consulting sales people to become the best “They Can Be” in their field . With top notch customer satisfaction and hard work, selling high volume is really easy. I can train your team the methodical habits to conquer this feat. I am currently booking one-on-one training, full sales and support staff training and seminars. NW&A llc is a full capacity sales training, motivational, and consulting company working nationwide and globally, featuring “Conquer What You Chase”  sales training.

Sales Trainer Noel WalshAbout Noel Walsh

I was born in the car industry. My Grandfather on my father’s side was a plant supervisor of the Ford Steel Plant in Detroit, and my Grandfather on my mother’s side owned a Dodge dealership in the greater Detroit area. My father was a salesman and sales manager at several dealerships my whole life. I was always drawn to the business, to the customer interactions, and the deal. My stepfather was a service manager at a Ford and then a Chrysler dealership in Twin Falls, Idaho where I lived until I was 15. I then started selling Ford in Ann Arbor, Mi. in 2000 at the age of 21 years old. I started green, and have rated tops in the nation for Ford since 2006, winning every sales award Ford, and Varsity Ford give out. In the tail end of my care sales career I live in St. George, UT and fly back to Ann Arbor, MI to work the last two weeks of the month. I can proudly say I am still top five in the dealership in units, customer satisfaction, and YTD. I am the “Traveling Car Sales Man.”

Half of my family either worked for Ford Motor Company building the product or in a Ford dealership selling the product. I guess it would be safe to say it is in my DNA. I have grown over the years watching my family and the best sales professionals around me to learn from them. I am also self taught, learning that customers and their loyalty is the key to success in this business, and any successful business. I am a Conqueror. I love to work hard and then become the best in my field, from there I am ready for a new challenge. I decided to use my skills, self motivation, talents, and passion to “help those who help themselves” and open my own business. Using what I learned over my lifetime, I started NW&A  llc “Conquer What You Chase.”

NW&A llc specializes in training sales professionals along with their support staff, customer service related positions of all kinds and virtually every position which deals with the public. When your employees  performance and  relationship with their customer or client matters that’s when my “Conquer What You Chase” sales training, motivating and consulting programs bring you guaranteed results.  Taking your employees back to the basics, showing them the simple steps to uncover the customers real wants and needs, from there building a relationship and delivering a solid product with seamless service creates customer satisfaction. The process is really quite easy, as long as enthusiasm and effort is paired up with a methodical progressive process. I will train your team the methodical habits and relationship building skills, I will motivate your team to bring out their enthusiasm, and consult your company as a whole to keep the productive process moving towards continued success.

Please contact us for a free consultation for “Conquer What You Chase” sales training, motivating, and consulting. We can be reached by our contact  page, by phone directly at 734-678-4502 or by email [email protected].

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