In my sales training and sales teaching I teach an emphasis on sales Process and Culture. We find out the proper process and create a culture through investigating and identifying both our customers and our employees wants, needs, conveniences and satisfactions. We don’t give either our customers or employees all their satisfactions or conveniences without them being earned, but we should give them the courage and reassurance to reach that level…

Do Something That Scares You Everyday

We are all faced with anxiety and fears, it’s up to us how we conquer that anxiety and the fears and it’s done with courage. I was taught fear is the only thing that gets smaller the closer you get to that fear. We fear that our customers really mean what they say when they reject us; they don’t they just aren’t ready to make the final decision yet, because we haven’t taken away all their objections yet, nor have we given them the reassurance to have confidence in us. The same thing happens with our employees and co-workers, if we haven’t built that value yet in our leadership, it won’t surface unless it’s earned.

Be that sales professional and be that leader that is willing to take that fear out of your customers and or your team, so they can have the confidence to believe in us.

Have Courage

Have the courage to let your pride build and not own you. You don’t climb a mountain or swim across an ocean without having the courage for a completion of a great goal, make building a culture be your great goal. Whether it’s your customers or your team have the courage to lead them regardless of the set backs you face. The team starts with the culture and the sale starts with the relationship, they go hand in hand so have the courage to lend that helping hand to get the proper results you desire. When you face setbacks or anxiety, have the courage to dive in deeper.

The best way to create courage is by giving reassurance to those who need us, or those we need. Having anxiety, getting bashed is fixed by doing a great job, and reassuring those who need us.

Give Reassurance

When you, your customer, or your team are facing fear, the best way to overcome this is by giving reassurance to them. By giving reassurance this builds our confidence and gives both those who need reassurance, as well as creating reassurance in ourselves. We are who we lead and who we lead is a reflection of who we are. It’s easy to be a hypocrite and teach do as I say and not as I do, but we will lose our followers with that mentality. The trick is lead by example, teach what we preach, and pick up others when they fall with reassurance in what they can do.

Leaders are not born, leaders are built. Leaders are not built on a time frame, leaders are constantly built to become better.

Amazing Grace

Grace means God’s gift. We named our first child Grace when we saw her face. Grace changed the culture of our family, the culture of our extended family, and the culture of the way I conducted my business, which indirectly changed the culture of so many. Grace gave us courage, reassurance, gave us the ability to do something that scared us everyday, and helped build us into better leaders. As a family we created a culture based on all these things. We worked through the tough times and enjoyed the great times; like I said we created a culture. We put everyone before us and in return received everything we needed. When you give, you get, when you demand you fall short.

Building a culture doesn’t happen overnight… Although when you Do Something That Scares You Everyday, Have Courage, Give Reassurance, an Amazing Grace is created. Are You ready to create and maintain Your Amazing Grace?

Written by Noel Walsh CEO|Lead Trainer|Motivator|Speaker|Consultant|Writer from NW&A “Conquer What You Chase” Sales Training and Conquer U online virtual sales training serving clients locally, nationally, and internationally.

“You don’t know what it’s going to be and that’s a beautiful thing”

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