I’ve traveled the country and spent most of my life in car dealerships. I’ve been in 100’s if not 1,000’s of car dealerships. I spent countless hours learning sales, people and processes and teaching and coaching sales. In all my years I can tell you who is the best Salesman I’ve ever met.

I’m sure my answer will surprise you… Literally with me having trained 1,000’s of sales people in one form or another, having regular conversations with top producing dealers, GM’s, managers and salespeople. I can say I have talked with some of the best in the business. After analyzing what truly makes a salesperson great I came to the conclusion the other day of who is the best salesperson I ever met and I’m going to tell you why.

The best salesperson I ever met, does not fit the description you are imagining. In a sense he’s self-taught, although always willing to learn and figures out what works and why it works. He is aggressive and tenacious, yet kind and considerate. He does not get offended by rejection, nor does he respond to rejection. When he hears a no, it has no effect on him and he continues to ask for the sale. When a door shuts in his face, he opens that door and chases that opportunity until he gets the result he set out to conquer. He uses his talents to be confident, persuasive, charming, witty and at times undeniable. This salesman I speak about is impeccable in his process and uses what works continuously.

Below I am going to list the traits of what makes this salesman the best salesman I’ve ever met.

Aggressive & Tenacious

The greatest salesman I’ve ever met has the skill to be aggressive enough to go after what he wants. He sets his focus on goals and goes after those goals. He has a purpose for his goals which creates his wants and why. After he has set his goal, identified the purpose of why he wants this goal he devises a plan. Now that the goal, purpose, and plan are in order, he takes action. In his action he implements what he has learned in the past that is effective and creates results.

The tenacity that this salesman carries is like no others. He does not let a no persuade him to stop, rather he takes the no in stride and keeps going after the sale. When a roadblock surfaces in front of his focus he either breaks through that roadblock or finds a way around it. He does not take no’s personally and does not see a no as rejection, rather time to regroup and try a different strategy. The tenacity this salesman has is unparalleled, should be admired, and duplicated.

Kind & Considerate

Although not always the traits people think of when they think of a great salesperson being kind and considerate is appreciated and well responded to by the customer. When you are kind you show the customer you care to truly serve and accommodate their wants and needs. Customers feel sales people don’t care about their best interests and only care about making a sale and earning commission. This is where the best salesman I’ve ever seen owns his clients, as he is affirmative, but also posses true kindness to accommodate his customers in their best fashion. Although aggressive and tenacious, the best salesman I’ve ever seen is also kind.

One thing the best salesman I’ve ever met does is show his clients and potential clients consideration. Although he is focused solely on a sale, he realizes you get there by having a happy and confident customer. This salesman is considerate of the customers time, communication preferences; verbal and non-verbal, and comfort zone. He pushes the customer when they need a push, and reassures the customer when they need reassurance. The best salesman I ever met know’s how to make the customer feel confident and comfortable in the buying decision by being considerate.

Talent & Confidence

The greatest salesman I ever met is aware of his talents. He knows why he is desirable and what makes him desired by his clients. Knowing that his charm softens his prospects and his wit shows knowledge and skills. He is aware when he rolls these out in an effective process and proper timing he is hard to resist. He uses his knowledge and shares his passion enthusiastically which therefore gets the customer excited and enthusiastic about what he is selling.

This salesman I speak of is very confident in his approach as well as delivery. He knows what he wants to accomplish and he is irresistible to deny. His confidence is attractive and captures his clients. The fact that he knows what he wants, communicates his message in a confident and constructive way makes him undeniable and his service irresistible. Confidence is King and this salesman carries that confidence and shares that confidence with his clients while he walks them through his process.

Not Offended by Rejection

One of the traits that makes this salesman so effective is the fact he is not offended by rejection. He is so confident in his message and services, that when he does face rejection he doesn’t respond. He keeps going after the sale until he makes the sale or identifies why it’s not a fit for his clients. This salesman will go after another client or keep himself busy until another opportunity reveals itself. One trait that truly sets this salesman apart from the pack is he uses the rejection he faces to regenerate his approach.

Being that he is kind and considerate, talented and confident, his aggressiveness and tendency don’t come across as pushy, yet focused and determined. He sets out to accomplish his goals by serving his customers, knowing where he is desired and accommodating to customers. When he faces a no he takes it as I’m just not ready yet and not personal. He realizes it’s not rejection, just and objection, and objections can be buying signs.

I’ve stated the traits that I’ve seen make salespeople success. This salesman has them all and knows how to use them. I told you in the beginning of this article the best salesman I’ve ever seen will surprise you. With all my travels, conversations and training, I’ve met some of the best salespeople, managers, GM’s and dealer principles. The best salesman I’ve ever met is my four year old son and you see why…

When you want to grow into something study. Study people, processes, organizations and find out what you like, and what you despise. After you have learned what is comfortable to you and what is not comfortable to you, implement that in your sales game, and the game of life. Remember sometimes the most effective traits lie in someone we least expect. Always be a student of life, people, and learning and you will always grow.

Another real life blogpost written by Noel S. Walsh I CEO of NW&A Sales Training, Creator of Conquer U virtual sales training, writer, sales professional, sales teacher, father, friend, and husband. Living in St. George, UT. and living Life Elevated.

“You don’t know what it’s going to be, and that’s a beautiful thing.”

“Conquer U and always Conquer What You Chase.”

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