When you are in sales, you need a constant hunger to keep selling your product and closing deals. In life it is easier said then done to always keep yourself motivated. What are ways you keep motivated when you your energy is low?


Do Habitual Things to Build Your Confidence

We are all going to run out of energy at times. If you can do regular regiments like working out, playing an instrument, or doing an activity that you grow and excel in you will build your confidence. Confidence keeps you High and pushes you to keep moving forward. When you can continually move forward it almost becomes an addiction you keep chasing.

Surround Yourself With Who and What You Want To Be

We are who and what we surround ourselves by. If you surround yourself with negative low-achievers who are jealous and malicious of your accomplishments and ambitions you will begin to slow down. When you surround yourself with positive, like-minded, progressive individuals you and feed from and grow from their actions, energy, and attitude. That’s why when you were a kid your parents, teachers, and people who cared about you told you to be careful who you hang around. Focus on what you want to become, where you want to go, and get there with those around you with the same ideals.

Write Down Your Goals

It’s important to have written down goals. ┬áHave bigger than life goals that are nearly impossible to accomplish, and little goals that you can accomplish anytime, any day. When you have a number of written down goals that you mark off when they are accomplished it naturally keeps you motivated to get things done, and make things happen. Your written goals provide a clear focus, even when there are people, or circumstances that can impair your focus.

Remember focusing on personal goals keeps you moving forward. Surrounding yourself with positive people, and positive actions will keep you motivated to get things done. Doing things that you are good at, in a habitual way will keep up your confidence.

A confident, motivated, positive person with big goals moving them forward is impossible to stop.

Another positive blog post written from Noel Walsh of NW&A “Conquer What You Chase” Sales Training and Consulting from Ann Arbor, Mi.

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  1. We don’t often think of salespeople having challenges with motivation (presuming our quotas alone would provide this); but on a daily basis we need to keep up our energy levels and ensure we’re headed in the right direction. Unlike many occupations, there’s not much reward for ‘busy work’ in sales; so a salesman can not be content merely to have a high workload. We need to be constantly thinking “What’s the best thing I can do today to find new prospects and advance them through the sales process?” This thought process will keep us out of a rut and will usually bring new motivation and energy.

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