I once heard a quote,” Until you commit your goals to paper, you have intentions that are seeds without soil.”

Write Down Your Goals
I have always had goals for myself.  Little goals that pushed me to push myself to the MAX, and Big goals that I would never quit working to Accomplish because they were nearly impossible to accomplish.  I had these goals in sales and in life, I did this so I would never quit working for them.  My problem was I never wrote them down and focused to check them off.  So I was accomplishing these goals without ever getting the satisfaction to check them off my list, and losing track of some along the way.  Then I worked with a great sales trainer Fran Taylor who had a goal list in his sales training manual, and he was persistent on writing them down.  This is when I learned how important is was to have at least 10 clear goals written down at all times.

Accomplish Goals and Create New Goals

Every time you accomplish a goal, check it off and then write another one down to accomplish. Doing this keeps you pushing yourself to constantly move forward.  Whether the last goal you checked off  was a major or a small goal replace it with another goal; it doesn’t necessarily need to be a bigger goal than the last one accomplished, but it does need to be replaced.  Having  written down goals gives a constant focus on what you want to accomplish in your life, big or small, and in your professional or personal life.  From here you need to constantly find ways to accomplish these goals, and then you can reap the benefits and satisfaction of getting things done!   If you can keep this up you will be amazed in the direction your life goes.

Accomplish Your Goals As A Team

Success is better when it is shared.  When you accomplish goals with family members, co-workers, or employees it creates camaraderie and feels better when the goal is accomplished.  When you are working on your goals as a team you have others to feed off their energy and ideas,  and they can help keep you focused and push you when you need a push.  It feels good  to go over the steps you need to do together to get each goal accomplished, then brain-storm together what needs to be done to finish the goal, and then check it off.  You will use different people to accomplish different goals of course, spouse to pay off a credit card, co-worker to accomplish a project, or employee to help with customer satisfaction.

Goals are needed to conquer success, and written down goals give you a clear focus of what you want to accomplish.  Working together as a team to accomplish these goals, makes them more enjoyable when they are accomplished.  Keep focused on your goals, and when you accomplish one replace the goal with another, and you will be pleased with what you can accomplish in life.

Another motivational blog written by Noel Walsh of NW&A “Conquer What You Chase” Sales Training in Ann Arbor, Michigan.