Over the past three and a half years our country has become a place where people who do not pay their bills, default or quit paying their mortgage, and continue to receive unemployment because they make more collecting unemployment than if they were to go out and get a $10 an hour job are promoted and considered victims in our society. Yet all these same people are up in arms when CEO’s and company heads income, spending, houses, lifestyles, and vacations are posted all over the news and Internet. I am not sticking up for these rich people, as I am a self made middle class-er who pays my bills and my taxes and I do my part for society. I just want to point out to the media and self described victims that they are as big of a hindrance to the public sector as the company destructing CEO’s are to the private sector, and your laziness and mistakes are costing them more than they are costing you.

I Was Raised Doing The Responsible/Right Things Lead to Advantages In Life!

I was raised that if you did the right thing, paid your bills on time and saved your money, you would be rewarded by society and have a self respect you should be proud of. I thought this kind of mentality would last forever. Unfortunately that isn’t so anymore. I went to refinance my house recently and after talking to friends, peers, customers, and neighbors I found out I don’t qualify for many government programs or the lowest rates because:

1. I have been paying my bills on time.

2. I have equity in my house.

3. I have a high credit score.

Now in my line of work, which is automotive sales having the three said things above constitutes you for the best rates. That is an advantage of free enterprise and companies calling the shots and taking the risks. Now that our federal government took over the banking and mortgage industry you actually qualify for better programs, better rates, possibly some of your mortgage balance cut off, and terms and a rate that people who are up to date do not qualify for. Does this make any sense to you? Now by no means am I an anti-government advocate, we definitely need a government. I have not been at all impressed by the current administration and their plea for hope and change, when big politics and lobbyists are at their all time high. I am however beside myself that ultimately doing the right thing, scrimping on personal spending to make sure my bills are paid, and paid on time actually hurts you when it comes to your piece of the pie (tax dollars spent on you and your family) and interest rates in re-financing. It’s almost like all the responsible hard working Americans are better off getting laid off to collect un-employment with little taxes taken out, quit paying on their mortgage to get their $222,000 balance taken down to $122,000 and get their 5.625% mortgage rate for 30 years taken down to 2% for 40 years not to mention they don’t pay their $2,000 mortgage payment for 18 months so that $36,000 you can sock away to make sure you still get in all your vacations and eating out while you aren’t working or paying taxes.

The Over-Lapping Effects of This Mentality On Our Country.

Now as tempting as it is to stop paying my mortgage to get my balance cut down, and get un-believable rates and terms, I was raised a little better than that. The thing that really scares me are these peoples kids who see this happening in their house and are under the impression that’s how life is the less you do the more you get. I am not saying that everyone who is getting a government backed mortgage modification, or who is on unemployment is scamming or taking advantage of the system. I know there are many hard working people who lost their jobs to un-foreseen circumstances, and are trying their best to do their duty and take care of their family. On the flip side I know their are also people out their who know the programs and feel it’s their right to take advantage of them. What I really think is outrageous is anyone behind in their mortgage gets better rates and terms then someone paying on time. I understand too many foreclosures could tidal wave the whole economy and certain programs need to be made to help certain trying people out, I just can’t wrap my mind around how people doing the right thing are paying higher interest rates. Does this seem fair or make sense to you?

What This Means To Your Sales!

You can still sell in any kind of economy, and make the same money. Sometimes you just have to work harder and smarter than you have in the past. What is going to throw you a curve ball is the mentality that people are going to grow accustomed to. Have you ever noticed that people who work for union’s, the government, or live off government aid expect everything to be done for them and handed to them? That is the kind of mentality Socialism creates, and when you are a 100% commission sales person it dosen’t make any sense to you because you would starve in your profession. These hand outs and special favors to the lazy and over spenders who get special treatment causes resentment from the hard working, ambitious savers. For things to work things need to be fair, and people need to have motivation to work hard and be responsible, or what is the sense?

This article was written to put focus on the disappearance of the middle class, and help point out some of the factors why. As a Sales Professional a Sales Trainer/Motivator, and a Sales Advocate it’s things like this are only going to take away from the talent pool in our profession. Make sure to be aware, vote, and be an advocate of what you believe in.

Another Blog Post written by Noel Walsh owner and lead trainer of NW&A “Conquer What You Chase” Sales Training in Ann Arbor, Mi.


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  1. Your article doesn’t seem timely based on market trends. August is poised is have the highest monthly sales rate for new cars in four years.(JD Power) Used car values are at an all time high.(Fox Business) Auto defaults are on the decline and running lower than average. (S&P) According to CNBC subprime loans are making up a smaller percentage of loans written in spite of an increase in subprime lending. We should be celebrating and thinking about ways to capitalize on this. After all, the stats I just cited represent the best of capitalism.

    As for your last paragraph, no, I have never noticed that one particular group has a greater sense of entitlement than another. It’s an individual thing. I know poor people and rich people with it. I know far more people without it.


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