Sometimes in life it seems like life is perfect, deals close easy, everyone says yes to whatever you say, and nothing can stop you. Then all of a sudden the wind changes direction, and everything changes. This has and will happen to all of us and it’s part of what grows us and makes us stronger. Whenever we head hard times in life we must continue to Look and Move Forward.

In my 14 years of retail auto sales I have encountered every emotion one can face. I have felt the pride of major accomplishment on a day, in a month, over a year, and through a decade. I have also felt the despair feeling of non-accomplishment, and it seeming like everything I touched crumbled in front of me. I have dealt with these polar emotions over the good times, the bad times, the past, and the present. Regardless of what life has thrown at me I Keep Moving Forward. Knowing that ahead of me will be better days, worse days, and that I will Conquer every obstacle that comes my way.



Failure keeps us from getting back up when we get knocked down, and without the right mindset can keep us from trying again. If you ever read anyone who has truly Conquered Success life story it begins with failure upon failure. What launched these high achievers to an elite status is when they got knocked down, they got back up. When someone told them it couldn’t be done, they did it. When the world and there surroundings closed in on them, they opened it up. They would not take no for an answer, they would not give up until they succeeded. They did what it took to overcome every obstacle, and they Kept Moving Forward.


Pride is something that is tough for all of us, and me especially to deal with. We should be proud of our kids, our family and our accomplishments. However we cannot let our pride overtake us and change who we set out to be. It is good to be proud of a great month, or year, or career yet we do not want to become boastful or condescending. Realize what you have done in your career to stand where you do, and be proud of your family and the things you’ve accomplished. Remember along the way to never lose your humbleness, and never let your pride put you above other people as it will come back to haunt you. Be proud of what you have overcome, stay humble and Keep Moving Forward.


Respect is earned when respect is given and respect is deserved. I see so many people who are disrespectful to people who they see as below them, and these are usually the same people who are so hurt when they feel they are not respected by the people they look up to and  they see above them. I have dealt with this in my career when I worked my tail off, and felt it was unnoticed and in vain. There is a famous line ” Don’t look for a pat on the back on your way to the top, but you’ll realize how much you were appreciated and respected when you reach the top.” Don’t let other peoples lack of appreciation hold you back, rather let it push you harder. Feel free to separate yourself from the negative people that hold you back, but never consider yourself better than someone else. Whether you feel un-appreciated or not getting the respect you deserve Keep Moving Forward.



Forward to me is one of the most motivating words in the English language. It permeates accomplishment and great things. One of my favorite shows on TV is Mad Men and of course my favorite character is Don Draper. One of my favorite lines he ever said “I only move in one direction, Forward.” Now if you watched the show he has had so many accomplishments and he was un-stoppable until his ways finally caught up to him like they always do. He was then humbled, put his pride behind him, overcame his down fall and continued to move Forward.

This is exactly what it takes to move Forward. Sometimes we let ourselves get ahead of us and we lose track of what we set out to do. Being humbled will let us do the soul searching we need to learn to continue to grow. Ooh yes you will get knocked of the tracks, and the envious, negative people that hated watching you grow will laugh and smile. This is where you leap to the next level, get back on your feet and Keep Moving Forward.


Another Motivational Blog post written by Principal, Lead Trainer Noel Walsh Creator of “Conquer What You Chase” Sales Training, Consulting & Motivating from Ann Arbor Michigan.