When we decide to make our career in sales, you have to wake up and realize Everyday In Sales Is Filled With Opportunities. When you have an angry or upset customer try and turn their complaint into the opportunity to sell them another service that makes up for what bothers them about their current product or service. Being a great successful sales person is taking a negative and turning it into income rather than turning away from the problem.

What is the best way to create opportunities in your day?

Attitude Attitude Attitude

I read an article the other day on what makes customers leave their sales person or car dealership they do the majority of their business. Surprisingly enough the number one reason customers left wasn’t their competition, product, location, or even price. The number one factor the customer left and 2/3rds of the time was the Attitude of their sales person or an employee of the dealership. With this being said you can’t completely control the attitudes of everyone you work with, but you can control yours. If you walk around smiling all day, being helpful, and solving problems that Attitude will become contagious with fellow employees and most important the customers in front of you. I’ve always stressed this over and over Smiles are Contagious. People want to deal with people who make them comfortable, and most importantly people who make them happy to be around.

How do You stay Motivated when things are Slow?

Busyness Creates Business

When things are slow, and everyone around you is getting negative and sucking the positive life out of you, this is where you have to decide to separate yourself from them and get busy. How do you get busy when no one is walking in, the phones aren’t ringing, and even your email is flat? Create your own business. Walk through the service lounge, buy customers coffee, look at your birthday list, create your own letter to previous customers. You will be amazed when you begin to create something out of nothing how fast your phone will ring, emails come in, and customers walk in the door asking for you. I’ve always realized when you start creating something out of nothing Busyness Creates Business. Not to mention this is like a shield from all the Negative Nelly’s who are determined to bring you down to their level. Conquer the Moment, and leave in your dust what slows you down. 

When nothing seems to come together What Do I Do?

Keep Pushing Pushing Pushing

I remember the words of my owner always telling me, ” Behind every successful Man is a Woman Pushing, Pushing, Pushing.” Take it as you will but the more responsibilities you have, the more your family depends on you, the goals you are reaching to accomplish, and the competition you carry inside to perform against your co-workers, and the best in your business will keep you doing just that. Pushing, Pushing, Pushing, when others are ready to throw in the white flag and surrender you are just getting your second wind. You are now ready to Conquer the Moment, and turn Adversity into Income. This is where a true professional looks themselves in the mirror and says “I can do this, I have to do this, I owe it to my Family, my employer, my Future, and Most Importantly Myself.” I will do this because I have to do this. A never surrender attitude is just what You need to Conquer the Moment. Keep pushing forward no matter what. Even when you are completely exhausted, and feel like you have nothing left, remember the weekends and nighttime are for rest, and your time at work is your obligation to Create, Conquer, and Maximize every Opportunity in front of you to Make Sure You Get Paid for Your Talents. “Conquer What You Chase.”

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“You don’t know what it’s going to become, and that’s a beautiful thing.”