How I Made $20,000 in a Month Selling Cars

Hello my name is Noel Walsh

I am the creator of “Conquer What You Chase” Sales Training Consulting & Motivating

I am also in cars sales at Varsity Ford in Ann Arbor Michigan currently the #3 Dealership in the nation and has been in those ranks for the past 20 + years, a dealerships whose philosophy is we expect the Best because we Hire the Best

At my dealership we start the deal from the beginning meet and greet, present the numbers without a Manager T.O. Close the deal, sell the back end, sign up the customer, and then do the final walk around and see the customer off in their new vehicle.

A lot of people say this is impossible but it’s how all 35+ Sales Professionals do the deal. Yes it can be intimidating, but that’s how it’s done at Varsity Ford, and the sooner you build up a Clientele the less intimidating it becomes and the faster the delivery process goes.

I have been in car sales since 2000 and in the car business long before that, as my dad was in sales and a manager for 20 years, my step dad was a service manager for years,my grandfather was the foreman at the Ford Steel plant for 41 years as well as hand picked the iron and ore from the quarries that they used to melt into the steel that made the cars. I’ve had aunts, uncles and most of my friends either in car sales, or building them being from the motor city

It’s safe to say the car business is in my DNA

Fran invited me to speak on behalf of how I’ve made $20,000 in a month on commissions and sell 30 cars in a month

I have had the opportunity to know and learn from Fran for about the last five years. I can tell you if you don’t know Fran and haven’t already learned the guy is full of energy and knows his stuff.

There is obviously a lot of hard work involved, but the number one key is Building strong customer relationships.

Stick with a brand, and don’t move from dealership to dealership constantly. People will follow¬† you, but people like what they’re used to; where you work, where you sit,and how you conduct business. If you move from dealership to dealership and switch brands repeatedly, it doesn’t matter how great of a relationship you’ve built you make it a chore for them to find you.

I remember my old General Manager used to Say “Car sales is a tough way to make an easy living” I think we all have to agree

People buy from people they Know, Like, and Trust

The 1st key is to get KNOWN
Do this by :
Being your biggest fan
Getting out and about and let everyone know what you do, every time people ask you what you do card them
Prospect Prospect Prospect
But don’t push or be to pushy
Wear cloths with your dealerships name on them, so people know where you work whenever your at a kids function, golf outing, or wherever there is a big group of people A.K.A OPPORTUNITIES

The 2nd key is to get LIKED
Do this by:
Always smile even when you don’t want to
Make it a point to shake as many hands and get to meet as many people as you can
When your out turn up the personality, tell jokes, laugh and become desired to be around
Hang out and make friends
Ask a lot of questions about your customers, their family, their hobbies, their weekend, their job, and their toys,Let your customers talk about themselves, people love to talk about themselves and write this information down so you’ll remember these facts or you can refer to a 3×5 when your talking to them on the phone or when they come in (Hey John is little Sally still terrorizing the soccer fields and making the boys cry when she outscores them)?
This will add gross to your next deal, because the KNOW, LIKE, TRUST factor just went over the richter scale
This is called FORM (Family, Occupation, Recreation, Money)

The 3rd key is be TRUSTWORTHY
Do this by:
Go to all your kids activities you can
Join as many leagues as you can, with professionals outside of your profession
Go to church every Sunday, or a weekly spiritual activity with the same people
Always do your very best to do what you said you were going to do, be know as a man of your word
Let people see how hard you work
Who YOU ARE, WHAT YOU DO and HOW YOU HANDLE YOURSELF is going to be the clientele that will follow you

Be SEEN and people will know you


I always hear people say I would never do that it’s too much work, these are the same people who say how did he sell 30 cars on a slow month

Remember successful people do what other people aren’t willing to do,go the extra mile for your customers, for your managers, for the dealership, but most importantly for your family, and for yourself People will see this and overtime it will payoff 10 Fole

Then when your taking a nice family vacation, or buying yourself something nice, or stuffing money away those same people are paying the minimums on there credit card complaining how your lucky, and a house mouse, and how all the lay downs seem to end up at your desk, don’t let this bother you let it push you

Remember their all lay downs when you do things properly, and especially when you have high volumes of repeat and referral business

Work properly

Plan your schedule, vacations, and life around your customers life: take vacations when they do, watch going to lunch at noon, you might have a customer coming in to see you

Have a smart phone with your work email on it: nearly half of my customers never call me it’s all done by email or texting

Have your cell phone # on your business car, be easy to get a hold of not a struggle

Reply to every customer as fast as you can it might be a previous customer or referral sitting at another salespersons desk about to ink a deal, but wants to give you a shot first, DON’T WAIT

Even reply to service grief customers right away a good salesperson is always turning a negative into a positive, you might trade them out of their service issue, or at the very least they will remember you cared enough to try and help them with their problem next time they or someone they know is in the market and you didn’t just take Their Money and Run

Always send a Thank You note with a hand written message when they buy, and when they stop in as well as a follow up call 3-4 days after you mailed it so they received the the Thank You note, it’s a great touch and a conversation piece, as well as the opportunity to ask for a referral on a sold customer, and overcome any objections on a B back


My fellow salespeople always ask “Are you ever going to slow down”? I reply “For what”

Don’t ever quit or slow down keep pushing forward, sleep is when you rest, because When we rest, we rust

My managers always ask “How do you do it” I always reply “because I have to, I have enough overhead to choke a horse”

Have motivators in life, goals that are set so high you are constantly reaching

When you are on a role and having an epic day, month, year or whatever it may be DO NOT SLOW DOWN, KEEP PUSHING EVEN HARDER. This is called CAPACITY, that is the amount you can handle. When your on a role, roll with it the worst thing you can do is stop the MOMENTUM of a speeding train.

When you are walking away from your desk check your emails, text customers, check prep on your deliveries, get your paperwork in order and make sure every document is in there and in order don’t waste a second at work, and leave the fantasy football pools for the guys who are content selling 8-12 cars a month

Always focus on what your doing right, and is working and leave behind what doesn’t work and slows you down

Focus on what your good at, and let technology fix what you aren’t good at.

Wake up with the will to do it, look yourself in the mirror and ask yourself why wouldn’t I sell everyone I talk to, and keep that mentality every time you shake a customers hand or set an appointment knowing you are going to do everything you can to make them comfortable and sell them a car, and why wouldn’t they buy from you?

People sense confidence and want to buy off someone who is confident, because confidence proves you know what your doing, and have done this before.

“Conquer What You Chase” is doing the things in life that accomplish your goals, what you set out to do.

“Conquer What You Chase” is assuring you “Conquer” what you set out to do, what you “Chase” Whether it’s more time with your family, buying a new house or car, a fancy vacation, new cloths, whatever it is. It’s different for everyone.

We are all different people but we all have fears and desires, and we overcome them all when we “Conquer What We Chase”

Another Motivational Blog Post written by Creator, Lead Trainer, and Writer Noel Walsh of NW&A “Conquer What You Chase” Sales Training, Consulting & Motivating. Bringing in a hired gun to take your team to the top is like having an in on an unbeatable race horse. Now serving both sides of the country with locations in Ann Arbor, Mi. and now St. George, Ut.

“You don’t know what it’s going to be, and that’s a beautiful thing.”