You ever work like a true professional sales person, while everyone else is standing around watching you and talking how you always get the Easy One’s.  They talk about how you always luck out, and they always get the hard one’s.  When the fact of the matter is they are lazy, take short cuts, and fail to build value in Themselves, the Product, the Relationship, and the Store.

“It’s amazing the harder I work, the luckier I get.”

Work Hard

Don’t ever believe you are above, or below any part of your job.  If you work hard, pay attention and are truly passionate about what you do customers will be attracted to this.  When you run around without a clue of what your doing; customers can tell.  Just like when you run around with a purpose, getting stuff done, and creating results it shows you know how to get things Done !  Be a leader and excel.  Focus on what the customer tells you they want, and create results while creating value.  When you work hard people will see this, and want to deal with you because you create results.

Be Professional In Everything You Do

When you hold your head high, walk around your store like you own it; or at least built it you put out an essence people want to be a part of.  Customers want to buy from you, fellow sales people want to be you, and management is appreciative or afraid of you depending on their personality.  You don’t just play the part of the Sales Professional you are the part.  You spew confidence in all your moves, conviction in all you say, and create value in your relationship from the meet and greet to final delivery.  When your at work, out with the family or friends, at church or a local event be the professional in all you do and everyone will want a part of it and will want to deal with you.

Don’t Sell Yourself Short, Ask For All The Money

Don’t ever under estimate your value, those below and behind you will do enough of that.  Always wake up looking at yourself in the mirror believing you are the best and unstoppable.  Enough people will doubt you and hate on you because of the talents and positivity you present.  You have to be your biggest and most loyal fan during the Highs and the Lows.  Whenever you work a deal that has grief and obstacles; keep the faith, stay confident, hold your head up, and get it done.  Remember if you do all the things I told you to above your service should never be about cost.  The service you provide is worth more then your competition down the street.  You are worth paying more for, and a price war shouldn’t happen often if you act like a professional, create value in all you do, and take the pain out of the deal.  Never become a price slashing sales person, become a value at the price you tell them is fair.  After all there are restaurants where a meal is $100 each and restaurants where the meal is $5 each.  People pay for professionalism and value. 

I have learned in my over 15 years or retail auto sales.  It took me some time to find my strongest talents, and I’m still learning everyday from my co-workers, competition, and most importantly my customers.  Often I learn what not to do by watching people.  When something works utilize and perfect that selling tool.  When something doesn’t work, toss it to the curb.

Never doubt your abilities, never believe your above or below any activities of your job, and always remember: If you sell like a professional, customers will pay more.

Another Motivational sales blog-post written by Noel S. Walsh I.  The owner, lead-trainer, writer, and consultant from NW&A “Conquer What You Chase” Sales Training, Consulting & Motivating.  From Ann Arbor, Mi. and now St. George, Ut.

“You don’t know what it’s going to be, and that’s a beautiful thing.”