Quality Vs. Quantity

Quality Vs. QuantityThe ever going debate of what is most important in sales and auto sales more specifically.  Do you prefer a lot of new customers with no preference or loyalty to your business or your brand?  Or would you Read More

Car Sales Guide to 5 Steps to Close the Sale

In car sales you need to make sure you give your all on every customer, by going through the proper steps, asking the right closing questions, and then of course asking for the SALE! 1. Make a professional first impression Read More

How to Unleash the Sales Beast Inside of You to Conquer Success

   I grew up as a shy kid whose parents showered me with confidence and love.  Actually a lot of my friends and teachers had a large amount of confidence in me too.  I was fortunate to have this positive support, but I didn’t Read More

How to Stay Focused and Away From Dealership/Office Politics

   This is one of the most crucial ways to stay successful in the car business, and in any business.  When you are an employee, especially a dynamic, passionate employee you are going to occasionally butt heads with co-workers and Read More