We are in an ever evolving technology boom that is fueling social media and in it’s wake crumbling tradition media.

1. Where is the shift in the media?

There is a momentum growing at the speed of light that is quickly changing the way people are being affected by advertising.  People rarely read the newspaper anymore (why do you think half of them are out of business). This used to be the most popular source for current events and local deals. Over the past few years this has shifted to home pages and the Internet. In the last year or two this has dramatically shifted to social media sites and links like twitter and facebook.

2. Where is this shift taking place and with whom?

The media shift is taking place all over the country.  The  shift is moving fastest on the East Coast and West Coast, but it is going on all over.  I am in the midwest in Ann Arbor, Mi. but after attending the Automotive Marketing Boot Camp in Orlando, Fl. last weekend I see this form of marketing and building a relationship with your customers is going on all over the country, and the world.  You might think this is a bunch of teen to young 30’s crowd, which is the highest percentage, but it is growing in all ages, races, sex, and net worth.

3. How can I take advantage of this light speed shift?

All professionals from every industry, especially car sales need to get on the band wagon.  I have always been a traditional media type of guy reaching out to my buying public with postcards, letters, hand written notes and subtle reminders that I am there and I care.  Relying on the newspaper, TV, and radio adds to promote the product and service.  People still do like this form of contact and it does refresh you in their mind, but you do need to aggressively campaign and brand yourself with the forms of social media.

4. What forms of Social Media should I be using?

There are many forms of Social Media out there and some more popular than others.  I have read that twitter is the fastest growing, followed closely by facebook, linkedin is very popular for professionals in b2b, and there are many others such as myspace, mylife, and a handful of others.  Jump on at least three of these right away, preferably the first three.  Start an account, which is pretty simple, and jump on the band wagon.  Watch what others in your industry are doing, follow their lead and conquer their habits.  We are in an age where it is ok to follow others, and then learn to out do them.

5. How do I grow my business with Social Media?

Social Media gives you the benefit of explaining and exposing yourself in a natural way.  Think twice before you send a tweet, or post something on your facebook page, but most importantly be yourself.  People like this because they see the real you and know what your saying to promote your products and services is real and not scripted from a media company.  Don’t bash the competition, but expose and explain the benefits you have to offer to you followers, friends, and buying public.

I recommend getting on the band wagon right away, building your network, and growing your business.

Another motivational, informational blog post written by Noel Walsh creator of “Conquer What You Chase” Sales Training.  Noel Walsh is the  Lead Trainer, Motivator, and Dealership Consultant.  From Ann Arbor, Mi. but serving anyone everywhere that wants to progressively grow.

6 thoughts on “Top 5 Ways to Grow In Car Sales Using Social Media

  1. nice blog once again. you keep us on top of ”whats happening”,and some…very good ideas’ Mr. Walsh.

  2. Great article, Noel.

    I don’t think social media will replace traditional media and sales methods, but they are definitely a valuable addition. For salespeople it’s crucial not to miss out on this opportunity to enter the conversation and build relationships, trust and authority. I love the fact that you practice what you preach and provide value on twitter every single day. Thanks for that!


  3. definitely growing by leaps and bounds (social media) everyone has access these days…and ”everybody drives”

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