My partner in Car Sales would always remind the rest of the sales staff how he was Consistently Consistent. This was a catch line he would constantly repeat all the time. And if you think about it that comment is the root of all Sales, doing the same things over and over that work and being Consistent creates consistent results.


Go into work everyday with a the positive attitude you are the best there is at what you do, and you are going to get paid for your talents that day. Keep the attitude no matter what comes your way good or bad, you are going to make the best of it. Focus on all the positives you have in front of you to use as tools, and overcome all the negatives you face to make you stronger. A positive attitude is your best tool to stay consistent.

Work Ethic

“If you want to be the best you have to work harder and smarter than the rest.”

When you stop and look at the high producers in your organization you will notice that they do the things other people are too lazy to do, they always stay busy, and make every motion productive. Work ethic is also respecting ones own time as well respecting that of the customer and fellow employees. Having work ethic you utilize every moment, stream line your processes and are willing to do whatever it takes to move things along and close them out.


Make sure every day, and every time you are with a customer you make a point to make a lasting impression. No matter your mood, the type of day you are having, or whatever is on your mind keep good vibrations flowing from you to your customer. As a sales professional you should be leading the conversation and relationship growth, but make the customer feel they are in charge. Work on creating “Your Brand” Yourself the whole time you are with the customer, leave them with a lasting impression that will remind them of you whenever your product or services comes up in any conversation. Always Be Selling & Always Be Closing is so true, just don’t act like that is what you are doing

Your first priority should always be making the customer happy, give them the best service and repeat again. When you streamline your processes and make things easy, you will be surprised how often your customers return for the same professional service and accommodation. Do what works the same way over and over every time and you will stay Consistently Consistent.

Another Motivational Sales Blog Post written by Noel Walsh Owner and lead writer from  NW&A “Conquer What You Chase” Sales Training Consulting & Motivating from Ann Arbor, Mi.