We are all trying to Conquer something in our life.

Whether it is love or happiness, acceptance or money, we are Chasing. We are animals with complicated instincts. We have instincts of hope and faith, desire and passion, and this is what separates us from other animals. This is part of what puts us and keeps us at the top of the food chain, our passion and desire to Conquer What You Chase.

Everyone of us has a desire to succeed, and still be accepted by our family and peers. Other animals instincts are to survive they eat, procreate, and protect their habitat. We have the same exact instincts but they are much more complicated, we also carry desires. Desire comes from passion which is fueled by emotion. With these desires we lust for power, money, fame, and fortune. This comes from our need to be accepted by the pack, which is not a lot different from other animals.   



To Chase is good. The Chase is going after goals, and without goals you are chasing your tail. It is good and human to want to succeed; ambition is a great trait. Reaching success with morals and ethics is what keeps you there, successful. With the ambition to succeed above all others, with a true passion of what you are chasing will lead you to your desires. It is the passion and energy that will drive you through the down and tough times to come out stronger than ever before. Through the Chase you must remember what you set out to do and keep Focused on your Goal through the whole Chase.



Through the Chase you must prove your ambition and desire is driven by Talent, and a Capacity to stand strong through the ups and downs of the Chase. This is Conquering, getting things done, making things happen, and taking responsibility. These are all traits that separate the Leaders from the followers; standing tall through the storms and leading all who follow to win. This is the personality of a Conquistador. A ambitious leader going into uncharted territories to become the best. Focus on the prize and lead from your heart and what you know is right to Conquer what you deserve.


What You

Yes you make the difference. Even though there are similar products, and services it is you that closes the sale and makes people come back. It is your enthusiasm and passion that people are buying. Act on your instincts, and never take advice from someone that you don’t aspire to be when the advice they give you goes against what you believe. If you want to be the best you have to believe you are the best.

Yes it is a world where “Nice guys finish Last.” Keep in mind it is also a world where the one who does right, works hard, and believes in their abilities will stand the test of time. This is how you “Conquer What You Chase.” 

Another motivational Blog Post written by Noel Walsh Creator and Lead Writer of NW&A “Conquer What You Chase” Sales Training, Consulting, Motivating from Ann Arbor, Mi.