The best, the very best way to be effective and build a clientele in Sales is to Be The Celebrity. The better known you are in your community and social circles the more you become The Trusted Source for that product and service. If you are in Car Sales you sell all these people their cars, if your a accountant their taxes, restaurant owners their meals and on and on.

Network Network Network

Get out and about with other professionals… If you have a family, you definitely need to make lots of quality time for them, but also get out and make an impact with like minded professionals. The more you are known and liked by like minded professionals the referrals and leads will start coming from every angle. People like referring their clients and customers to people they know, like and trust. From here make sure to repay the favor and when people ask who you recommend¬† you’ve got a name and number instantly.

Join a country club, golf league, chamber of commerce, church groups, coach kids sports, whatever you do become part of a team. You will create a following and be THE BRAND of whatever it is you sell and represent. I’ve always gone by the philosophy Enthusiasm Sells, but actually being known and liked sells even more Effectively.

I’ve been in Auto Sales for 14 years, and even though I thought I was a can’t loose natural after a strong 1st year I followed it up with three mediocre years. The reason being I was not making enough new connections, prospecting like a professional, and being seen in my community by prospective buyers as the salesman to do business with.¬† After not having fun barely getting by, the birth of my daughter, and my wife staying at home I needed to make some serious professional changes. I went to work for a bigger Car Dealership Varsity Ford and I did what it took to succeed.

I worked on building a great relationship with my customers as well as giving them world class customer service. I took the dreadful experience of buying a car and turned it into a Buying Experience where I gave my customers a happy feeling they eagerly looked forward to… I moved from a small house in the country to a big house in a subdivision. I went from going to church to becoming part of the church family. I was seen in town with my wife and kids being a good dad, and creating a reputation as the family man I strived to be. Within three years of a big dealership change to the number 3 Ford Dealership in the Nation and moving to a new town I became the top sales professional in production and customer satisfaction and haven’t looked back for 7 years.

I built a reputation and network in my community and in my circles and became the go to guy when it was time for people to get a car.

Be Seen and Known for Who You Are and What You Do

Get out and about, be seen , rub shoulders and make an impact. When people start to recognize you and ask questions about you, great news you’ve reached Celebrity Status. People are talking about you, and you have intrigued them. Now let your personality shine, go meet these onward watches and introduce yourself, your family, what it is you do, and when they’re ready how happy you would be to help. When you can approach business and your services in a non-threatening way, and environment where the potential buyer is comfortable your going to make a big impact and leave a lasting impression.

When your out remember this is your best time to make a lasting impact and pick up future business, so make it count. Watch who you surround yourself by; the company you keep, and always, I mean always act like a professional.

Never Loose Focus of the Prize, And Never Sacrifice Your Integrity

Remember everyone you meet; friend of a friend, kids friends parents, mother of a family at church, dad of a son on a baseball team, they are all potential clients. You have them in a non-threatening environment, and you have their attention. Use this to its fullest. Don’t act fake, lie, overpower, or ignore any future opportunity. If you stay consistent you will continually build your reputation and plant the seemed as this is The Person You Want To Do Business With. Create Your BRAND.

Integrity is what you do when people aren’t looking, but you never do know who is watching and listening to you in a large group. Never ever ever sacrifice what you believe to be right, and true to better yourself, because it always comes around. The last thing you ever want to do is sacrifice your morals and reputation you’ve worded so hard to create.

Be Yourself, Work Hard, Be a Giver and a Gracious Receiver and you will be amazed at what kind of success you can Conquer and Achieve.

Another motivational Blog Post written by Noel Walsh. Creator, Lead Trainer, Writer, Motivator and Consultant for NW&A “Conquer What You Chase” Sales Training, Consulting & Motivating from Ann Arbor, Mi and now also in St George, Ut. “You don’t know what it’s going to be and that’s a beautiful thing.”