When a customer walks on the lot, into the dealership, or into your business how you Look At or See the customer is part of your first impression you give out. A lot of times the customer can be nervous about entering the doors of your business from fear of Sales People, spending money, or making a big decision. The eye contact and mannerism you make with the customer can either ignite, or cradle these fears.


The Piece of Meat Look

This is the look a customer feels they get when they arrive to the dealership or place of business and all the sales people are on the front porch, ( probably half smoking ) staring at the customer like they are a piece of meat. You may have stepped into a business and received this look before and no one likes it. When a customer is responded to like this it’s a complete deal killer, as the customer is going to have a tough time getting comfortable and trusting you. The group staring at and talking about them as they enter to make a big purchase, oddly enough isn’t that welcoming.

The I Want to Genuinely Serve You LOOK

This is the look a professional sales person invites the potential client in with. This is a look of confidence, assurance, and kindness. The eye contact you make with them solves some of their fears, and un-easiness they had when they entered your business. “I want to genuinely serve you look” takes the customer out of defense mode, and pulls them into comfort mode. This is where a professional breaks the ice, soften-ups the prospect and starts building a thick and genuine relationship.

The “I want to Genuinely Serve you Look” is going to exponentially raise your chances for a smooth and seamless sale, as well as build the foundation for the next time they are in the market or know someone who is.

What A Look Says About You

The look, the eye contact, and the greeting you give the customer when they walk in the door says a lot about you. It tells them, “Hey, I know what I’m doing around here, I know how to help you find what you are looking for, and I’m going to give you the service you want and deserve. How you approach the potential client, and how you make them feel by the look you give them is setting the stage. You are opening up a relationship built on trust in your abilities and your intentions. The look you greet your customers with will decide success or failure. So remember never to cut or skip a step, especially when it comes to welcoming your potential client.

Another motivational Blog-Post written by Noel Walsh. Lead Trainer, Writer, and Consultant for NW&A “Conquer What You Chase” Sales Training, Consulting & Motivating. From Ann Arbor, Mi and now St. George, Ut.  “You don’t know what it’s going to be, and that’s a beautiful thing.”






1 thought on “Whether You Look At, or Whether You See A Customer Usually Dictates A Sale or Not

  1. This is true in all types of businesses, the dealership especially. People drive onto a lot apprehensively to start with and when “attacked” get the feeling their have become prey. I always tried to let people drive in, park, and get out of the car before I casually walked out to greet… but the lot lizards will try to grab them as they drive through the gates.. that usually means a potential customer will drive through the lot, not get out, and go out the other gate. Walk into a QT or Racetrac and watch to see it they make eye contact or just scream out “welcome to QuckTrip” .. First impressions are so important, and a potential customer has to feel like they are welcome into a soft environment and appreciated for even coming in. The Customer is the real boss if sales support the business.

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