After reading my articles and blog posts you may notice I stress the importance of process and principles in your Selling. This is the importance of keeping the deal moving along and the customer happy. It always boils down to “Treat Others the Way You Want to be Treated”.

The Do’s

What you should be doing is what works the same way over and over. You should listen to your customers wants, decipher what is true and false, and start a strategy on how to accommodate their wants and get this all done in a profitable and timely manner.

Do keep your name and profession in front of previous customers, friends, neighbors, and anyone else you know who will need your services.

Do keep your mind on finding and closing customers at every opportunity.

Do keep customers and opportunities in front of you through out your day.

Do keep busy on work and stay away from unproductive negative people at work.

Do make a name for yourself and make an positive impression wherever you go.

The Don’ts

What you shouldn’t be doing is complaining about what isn’t easy. Don’t hang around negative people, and make excuses about why you aren’t producing. Don’t hate on the producers, and down play their production. Remember your the only one that’s going to create the life you want!

Don’t worry about the high producers and money makers schedules, if you work as hard as they do, produce as much as they do, and create as much as they do, one day you can be there too.

Don’t envy/hate the high producers, instead watch and follow what they do, to create the results they create.

Don’t try and just get through the day, try and use every second of the day to make today productive and prosperous, and work to make tomorrow filled with opportunities.

Don’t make excuse for your lack of production , and hang around sales people with the same ambition and results. Then go on to sell this stupid idea to your managers and family that there is a force holding you back….

That force holding you back is you stupid and the like minded people you surround yourself with at work.

Don’t ever judge a book by its cover, under estimate the power of humanity, think of yourself above others, try and make excuses for your lack of action and attention to detail, or try and be successful in life living by shortcuts.

News Flash you won’t move forward, rather slowly slide backwards, and you won’t even keep up with inflation.

Another motivational blog post written by Noel Walsh Creator, Owner, Author, and Lead Trainer of NW&A “Conquer What You Chase” Sales Training, Consulting & Motivating from Ann Arbor, Mi and now also in St. George, Ut.

You don’t know what it’s going
To be and that’s a beautiful thing.

3 thoughts on “The Do’s and Don’ts In Sales

  1. Hello there thank you for taking the time to motivate and keep sales reps positive
    Just wanted your advice I’ve been a sales representative for 14yrs and 5mnths!! I’ve worked at high volume stores and also smaller mapa Dodge Ram company!! The last dealership I worked for I’ve worked with for 4yrs than broadened my career and left well I came back to them in 2013 this is the smaller store!! I felt Dodge &Ram really boosted themselves from the disaster period in 08-09 realistically I LEFT there cause inventory got so bad there was nothing to sell!!! Back to the subject of the matter!! It seemed in the year I came back every month something else changed for the worst!I’m talking about non traditional ways in the business!! The last draw I had before I had to go was the dealerships owner made the decision to not spot cars (unless) and I’ll get that point!NOW obviously there’s a few reasons he had those stipulations and the main was he outright owned every vehicle on the lot!! There was no floor plan at all which gave us some advantages bust more disadvantages!! Now I couldn’t control who or what the customers credit was!I do a lot OF networking off of Facebook Craig’s list and referalls!well I had the last incident that through my bp out to new levels! I had a customer who owned his trade outright had insurance its acv was 12500$ I built the value of this preowned one of a kind JEEP that was lifted huge 35in tires and was low mileage he wanted this jeep as soon as he road around and we got some info from he said I got the title in my car make a long story short it was a $6245 deal just in the front end!! And he also had to get a cashier’s check from his bank chase which he came IN next morning with after stumbling through paperwork we couldn’t find the title but had papers showing car was paid for through cash!!!my Gm made THE decision to not do the deal without the title!!! !! Well I was so irate my actual bp was reading 176over 108 I felt dizzy and said to myself I’m going to lose to much time and money here anymore since there’s no spotting unless your over a 760 fico and you meet all other criteria!now what that does is keep me from selling more cars and making more money!! Do to spending three sometimes four days with same customer until delivery!in between customers start out smarting themselves and the second time YOUR infront of he’s now trying to renegotiate!!. Theres too many this new process the owner put to place! I work so hard everyday I come to work with a positive attitude!!no matter of previous day! I’m determined focused and definitely have a ton of likeability!!! Plus I’m handsome lol I’ve made a move to a high volume dealership that also has a good gross avg Front end!I’m just trying TO ask your opinion on what you think about the whole thing
    Thank You, Michael Sandelier

    1. Michael,

      I have been doing this for as long as you have. We both know there’s not a perfect process, nor a perfect store to work at. We both also know the grass isn’t always greener on the other side. With that being said give yourself a Ben Franklin close; list what you like about your current store, and what you dislike. Keep in mind other stores have similar, and sometimes worse problems.

      The not spotting cars will cost you money, I know and that would drive me nuts. Time kills deals and cost gross.

      Reach out anytime you are in the need of a little motivation or advice, and I’ll try and reach OUT.

      Thank You,
      Noel Walsh

      1. Ty, since last year I believe when I commented on your post I believe I finally got acclimated in time on how to work the pay plan and also work with balance. But let’s face it my process will never be perfect but it’s the same process every time regardless. I can honestly say if I got in front of more people I make over $150,000 a year which is not bad pay at a new store in the second year. I’m On Target to hit over $111,000 this year. And to me that’s what I’ve been looking for. Believe me and thank you for reminding me I always outweigh the benefits and opportunity of where I work. I love the atmosphere I love what I do I can be tired out by the end of the day and not want to deal with anyone. And that can bring me to putting a little bit on social on my off days just wanted to rest and spend time with my dog. LOL we put a lot of time in and we deserve every dollar we make. Weather we make it up on the next guy or that is the next guy and I’m making it up on him. Balance is the key. And believe me today was one of those days where I had a lot of aggravation mixed with some service appointments mixed with finalizing deals from Friday and Saturday. So tomorrow I’ll start out fresh have it marked where I have a three- car goal comma and try to achieve just that so I have two appointments confirmed and whatever walks in. Come a long way in my thoughts of where I work. I have the best opportunity in the South Jersey area just on Fresh customers walking through that combined with my previous customers that I still talk to on a monthly or month-to-month basis lines me up with good success today and again I can’t tell you how much I really am grateful for the opportunity presented in front of me. I think I really found my home, but I will never be content regardless what my week looks like whether it’s a $4,000 week $1,200 a week a $5,200 week or an $800 week that’s rare but it happens I am totally satisfied thanks again

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