In my years in life, being a consumer, a worker, a Father a Husband and a Friend there has always been 1 thing I look for; Value.

I always look for the value in everything. The value of a purchase, the value of a song, the value of a friendship, and the value in a lesson. There is value in every thought, decision, word, and smile throughout your day.  Adversely there is a negative value a portion of the time.

How do you decide, or make the Value?

Well we’ve all heard all the quotes and have seen the motivational posters about attitude. Which this is true, Attitude is everything, or at least as the poster says and wiseman have been quoted 90% of what happens to you is your attitude and reaction.

There are two kinds of value:

1st: Genuine Value that creates, grows, comforts, cultivates, and gives to others.  Someone of genuine value comes into work smiling and friendly, gets right to business doing what they’re paid to do, helping others along the way, making their activity create attention and results, and accommodating the needs and wants of the customer.

This is value to the employee, their co-workers, their employers, their customers, and their family. Their valuable actions and productivity through the day add a spark to everyone around them. This spark they shared, is then spread around from the crowd onto other crowds. This sensation is quite addicting, and spreads fast and far like the gospel.

2nd: Non-value that sucks, slows, derails production, kills attitudes, and decreases production and potential. Someone of non-value is always negative and dying to tell you No. They want to tell you how it can’t be done, it’s impossible to get there from here, today’s not the day, nows not the time, it ain’t gonna happen.

These people not only hold no value, like I mentioned in their description above they suck the value out of others. They decrease value from all those around them, which spreads like a plague. They make days dreadful, dreams disappear, and turn smiles upside down faster than hurricane winds. These people not only hold no value, they suck the value out of everyone in their path.

There are few things we can control in life. One thing we can control is our attitude and how we let situations effect us. When you smile through the good and bad, the tough and the easy, we become a role model. Others see you from a distance and what you walk through and deal with and you become a leader to those looking on. You become an influence, a role model, and a trailblazer. You prove by your actions that it can be done, and you show your on-lookers how. You create value with your actions, that is contagious to others. This positive value based action is then spread from your family, circles, workplace and life to others.

So when you see the person at the checkout counter with the frown, like “I hate being here” switch lines even if the wait is longer. Get in the line with the smiling clerk, a smile that says “I’m here to help, and make your time with me valuable, and enjoyable.”

Life is all about choices, and your 1st and most important choice is your attitude. After that finding ways to create positive value, in everything you do, and everyone you meet. Choose wisely and create value, it will come back around when you need it.

Another Motivational blog post written by Noel Walsh owner, writer, lead trainer of NW&A “Conquer What You Chase” Sales Training, Consulting & Motivating from Ann Arbor, Mi and now also St. George, Ut. You don’t know what it’s going to be, and that’s a beautiful thing.

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