We sometimes look around and compare ourselves to others. We look at what they have, how they look, what they do, and where they live. We look at people we consider better than us and envy them. We look at people we consider ourselves better than and judge them or point our nose up to them.

The truth is we should not compare ourselves to anyone else. Whether we see ourselves greater than or less than them. We should be thankful for what God has granted us with, and do the most with what we have been given.

“It’s not what we do in life, It’s what we do in life with what we are given. ”

You should never walk through life envying high achievers and hating on them for having what you don’t. You don’t know the responsibility’s and the stresses they have every day. If you think you may be happier having what they have you should see what they do to get them where they are at? Whom what a concept, rather hate or despise them for what they have accomplished, been given or lucked into. Instead follow their lead on what they’re good at.

“Those who carry hate, have less strength to carry the load and responsibilities it takes to accomplish great things.”

“Don’t hate, replicate.”

Look at all people as an equal as far as a fellow human being.

You never know the life, childhood, year or day someone has been through. Before you jump down someone’s throat you may first want to consider your words and actions. Yes someone may greatly frustrate you, slow you down, cost you money, or royally piss you off. Always keep a shred of decency in your actions as you don’t know what they have gone through. Keep in mind you may be in a situation mentally, spiritually, financially,  or family wise worst then they are anytime.

Always keep compassion, decency, humility, honor, love, spirituality, and humanity in everything you do.

Always push one more mile, to keep your mind focused forward, your hear open and your actions felt.

Another Motivational Blog-Post written my Noel Walsh owner, writer, and lead trainer for NW&A “Conquer What You Chase” Sales Training, Consulting & Motivating. From Ann Arbor, Mi and now St. George, Ut.
“You Don’t know what it’s going to be, and that’s a beautiful thing. ”