I wonder this all the time… What are sales people, and really what is everyone in general afraid of?

You should be afraid of nothing but your own lack of effort, I mean honestly you know there is no bogey man, right?

So what is it that fears you? Is it rejection, not being liked, or accepted? If you want to be a Sales Professional or an Entrepreneur you must accept loss, failure and rejection as well as many other set backs. You will fail at times, but knowing that you will eventually succeed! Life will not always be easy, pretty or at the least likable. In the end you will make it work, and you will harvest what you sow.


“The only thing we have to fear, is fear itself.”

One of my favorite quotes and quite motivating and inspiring when you stop and listen to the quote, don’t you agree? I do in more ways than one, but ultimately in the words and context that was written and received by so many. Are you ready to receive the inspirational words of motivation and take the actions to keep yourself going forward and your set backs in life getting smaller?

Are you willing to make the relationships in front of you prosper?

YOU may very well have pre-conceived notions of who, and what, to choose to want to do business with! This is a powerful opportunity to do right, and leave fear. We all eventually become the five people we are surrounded by the most. So in life choose your company carefully. You will want to surround yourself by people who want to help you grow and serve you. You will also want to make sure you are adding to the relationships you have and not be as concerned what you can get from them, but ultimately what you can offer. When you sincerely give, you will sincerely get. Don’t be afraid to limit your time invested in friendships and relationships where the other person tries to take advantage of and always get the benefit and upper-hand of the relationship, ultimately you will invest much more than you receive.

You want to make the right decisions in company and in business, but you can never let fear guide you. In life and in business you will make poor decisions, you will do business with un-fair and unethical people, you can’t let this stop you from continuing to grow and make new relationships. Part of growth and success is mistakes and taking risks. Our risks will not always equal rewards, but our mistakes and failed risks will create lessons and experience.

Don’t be afraid to make mistakes, but don’t be too foolish to learn from them.

I once read an interview between a journalist and a billionaire. The journalist asked the billionaire three questions.


“What would you say is your number one secret to being so successful”


“Two words…No mistakes”


“What would you say is your ability to not make mistakes”


“One word…Experience.”


“How would you say you gained the experience not to make mistakes.”


“Two words…Making mistakes.”

So if you see the wisdom from the billionaire, it was the experience he learned from his mistakes that put him in the position to not make mistakes, or at the least make mistakes less frequently and less costly mistakes. Don’t be afraid to take risks. Yes, you will have failures and losses, but in those failures you will gain the experience and life lessons needed to succeed.

Take chances, take risks, and don’t be afraid of failure. Consequently learn from your failed chances and risks and gain the experience not to make them again.

“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.”

Don’t beĀ afraid to learn new things, or pick up new skills.

I’ve always been told by those I respect and who have charted the paths in front of me, “Noel you will be successful, because you aren’t afraid or too proud to learn.”

This has always stuck with me in my ventures and the risks that I have taken in my life and career. Every time I did the things people told me not to do, that I thought were the right decision, they ended up being the right decision.

People told me not to get into car sales, it was a dead career…I made $2,000,000 in commissions and mastered sales.

When I switched dealerships, people told me not to do it, the new dealership was too big and I would fail…I became the top sales person and tripled my income.

When we bought our first big house people said don’t do it, it’s too much for you…We sold it for 50% over what we bought it for.

When I started NW&A, people said your just a car salesman and don’t waste your money…I have grown my business on many different fronts, and if I didn’t take the risk the sales people I’ve inspired and helped grow may not have.

When we moved across the country, leaving behind a life people dream about, they said I was crazy and thought I lost it…We now live a life of abundance, abundance of doing the things together as a family we enjoy.

If I had not confronted my fears, taken risks, and gone against the popular opinion, I would not be where I am today. So what I tell you is don’t become complacent in life. Don’t go along with the popular opinion and comfortable life if you know there is more inside you than that. Believe in yourself, take calculated risks, leave fear at the door, and always “Conquer What You Chase.”

Another motivational blogpost written by Noel Walsh CEO, Teacher, Coach & Consultant from NW&A “Conquer What You Chase” Sales Training and now Conquer U virtual training.

“You don’t know what it’s going to be, and that’s a beautiful thing.”